Friday, May 29, 2009

Paper Necklaces and Rocky Mountains

I have spent some much needed time antiquing in the past weeks,
and have found a new favorite thing! Paper necklaces!
I can't get enough. You will find people who make beads
out of paper and then the beads can be made
into the most beautiful jewelry.

I wear my paper necklace everywhere!

It just seems to go with everything!

I am also loving being so close to the Rocky Mountains.
It is nice to be home.
I think I forgot how beautiful they were!
My two year old is speaking so well, he now says,
"Mom, look at the mountains"...everytime we
get into the car, and it makes my heart smile.

My six year old said to me yesterday, "Mom, I think
I can see heaven shining onto the mountains"
...I said, "I know, me too..."
...which in turn led into a cool discussion
about what he thinks heaven will be like.
Man, is God good!


  1. YEAH! IM so excited to see your new blog entry! Sounds beautiful! I too love a good paper necklace but the closest I'll get to the Rocky Mountains is icecream. ;)

  2. It's amazing how quickly we forget how pretty the mountains are! I definitely took it for granted when we lived there. My very favorite thing is flying into Denver...the plane always turns before it lands and there is a perfect view of the feels like a wonderful "Welcome Home". Thanks for blogging!

  3. Glad to see you are still blogging. God is working through you! Just thought you should know.