Monday, May 4, 2009

I could CRY!

I have loved living in different places!

Colorado for 26 years. Wichita Kansas for 4.5 years and now Valparaiso Indiana for almost 2 years! While living in Kansas one of my favorite people in the world, Shaun's cousin, Anna Cherie, introduced me to many things. One of those things was the first-ever not-for-profit organization for grieving children and their families called "Three Trees". I had never been so mesmerized by anything in all my life! In 1998 a young Wichita mother and her three small children, ages nine months to five years found themselves coping with the untimely death of their husband and father. This young mother wanted and needed assistance during this difficult transition.This could not have been more evident than when her five-year-old daughter stood on a kitchen chair one afternoon and asked, "Mom, I just want to know, is there anyone else like me?" Since August 6, 1999, just 20 short months after the death of Katie's husband, in Sept. of 2000 it's doors opened to the very first group of grieving families. Since then, over 1,050 children and more than 750 families have received help and support at Three Trees.

As I was reading back through my blog roll, I found that the Three Trees organization had a fire at their location, and I wanted to cry. If you follow the link and look at the Dec. 7th posting, you will see what made me sad. If you think of it or the Lord prompts you, breath a prayer for this not-for-profit organization, because, believe me, they need it! And believe me, they really make a difference!!

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