Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Never Judge.

If two of you shall agree on
earth as touching anything
that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of my Father which is in Heaven.
For where two or three are gathered
in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:19-20 The Voice Divine Today I opened another
favorite book, "God Calling",
my copy was given to me by my best
friend Mandy in 2000.
(it is a nice black leather copy)
She writes in the inside cover,
"Claim Big Things Court!...
We've come a long way.
On your birthday in 1993
I gave you rubber gloves!

She continues on, "Praise the Lord always BooBoo!" (don't ask)...
I just sat here and laughed and then turned to the May 13 entry...

"Never judge. The heart of man is so delicate,
so complex, only its Maker can know it.
Each heart is so different,
actuated by different motives,
controlled by different circumstances,
influenced by different sufferings."

"How can one judge of another?
Leave to Me to unraveling of the puzzels of life."

"Leave to Me the teaching of understanding"

"Bring each heart to Me, its Maker, and leave it with Me.
Secure in the certainity that all that is wrong I can set right."

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