Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Personal Eye Candy!

I know they are my kids, but hey,
I have to take some liberty on my own blog.

This is their own classic personalities captured on camera.

And thank you Lord for the gift of children!


  1. The pictures of your boys are awesome! wow I've loved reading your blog - Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you... it is a blessing.

  2. I love the pics. I love those boys. I love the boys in the pics!! I also happen to think very highly of this family. God bless this family with your grace and mercy! Infiltrate them with you love and strength. Amen!!

  3. Beutiful photos and beautiful kiddos Courtney!

  4. Total cuties! Thanks for sharing! Jen

  5. Oh my goodness, what cute pictures and adorable boys!! It makes me very excited for the day my boys are old enough to play around like that...thanks for sharing!! Sarah

  6. Court, I just checked this today, after several days. I have been reading God Calling each morning also. Let's read it together. I will be in Denver- June 6th-14th. May I help you unpack and organize? xoxo, mh