Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lunch with an Angel!

I have a friend, her name is Diane.

She is one of the first people I met at VNC when we came to initially visit.

Diane and the boys and I went to a fun place called 'Designer Desserts' yesterday for lunch!

It is decorated like a whimsical childlike dessert fairytale!

I loved just looking around. (and getting ideas)

I am so excited because we are renovating our children's dept and just ordered some of those cool hanging globe lights....shh, don't tell the kids!

How fun is this?? I love the lanterns, and all sizes!

I just had to take a picture to show you!

Thank you Lord for sweet Di, and her amazing testimony!!
She is going to be sharing her testimony on
Thursday, May 28th at the Ladies Tea at VNC...and wow, is it powerful!!
Thank you Lord for her tenderness and senstivity to your spirit!
Thank you for using her in my life and the lives of my children!
What an amazing blessing 'Sweet Di' is!
(or as some may know her ...'little bit')

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Patty Day with the McClellan Fam

This is a picture of Saint Patrick, the missionary!
My husband enlightened our family with his report from his class on missions tonight and I really learned quite a bit!
I did not realize that Saint Patrick was actually NOT Irish, but an Englishman!
He was captured by pirates, sold into slavery and called by the Lord to missions.
He was called to be a missionary to the country that had enslaved him!

This was the first time I have ever tried "Green River" Soda!
I have never heard of such a thing...but, it was okay!

No caffeine, very green!

Yes, it is true! I did make corned beef and cabbage!
Documentation for proof!
Traditionally served with potatoes and carrots, so we made that as well!
I am not worried about the McClellan boys and their liking for the corned beef...surprisingly, Parker had 3 slices!!

You cannot get more precious than the three McClellan Lads!

And thank you Lord for the beautiful sunshine today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara!

For those of you who know me, You know I am am fairly new at scrap booking...so hear me out. I had to make my 2nd scrapbook through Snapfish because....
1. I had too many pictures and
2. I was on a time crunch for Aunt Barbara's birthday and
3. I have rewards to use with my coke rewards.
So here it is, a glimpse into my book...
many of the pictures look faded, but remember it is a picture of a picture of a picture!

WHO is Aunt Barbara? Well, she is married to my father-in-law's brother!
Yes, she is my husband's aunt (mine by marriage) married to Sweet Uncle Ernie!
When we moved to Wichita Kansas with a 2week old (Parker), we lived in their basement for 6weeks. This was a difficult transition for me; however, the beginning of a blessed relationship with Uncle Ernie and Aunt Barbara! We spent 5 years in Wichita, and I have entitled this book, "Five Years of Blessings"..these are many memories wrapped into 60 pages and sent to Aunt Barbara for her birthday as a "thank you" for being such an amazing 'Woman of God'!

Here is the cover! I did actually dress it up a little after this picture was taken!
Here are my boys again! This is a special picture because Aunt Barbara gave their "Texas" shirts!

Proverbs 3:18 sums it up!

Parker- age one.

Parker in the front yard and then in the toy room with Aunt Barbara!

Here are the McClellan Brothers! I love these guys!!!

More from Parker's first bd! I had so much fun picking out the sizes of pictures and backgrounds!

Here she is with her grandson Alex and Parker..they are only a few months apart!

Oh, more of my favorite people in the world...Kip and Cherie!
What a beautiful wedding they had and what a match made in heaven!

Turner enters the book, approximately page 50 (sorry Turner).

Here they are...the beautiful McClellan Couples!! And the boys on the rocking horse!

I tried so hard to get a good picture of this page!
This is my favorite two pages in the book...
the gardens of Aunt Barbara's...she is a Master Gardner
(I had no clue what that was until I met her) and these are a few glimpses into her world of gardening!
I always wanted to turn her in to a magazine for them to do a profile on her...maybe I still will!

During that time, Shaun was the worship pastor at Wichita First Church of the Nazarene
....so many precious friends and memories!!!
So of course, I had to put a few pictures in of my man in his favorite place, the Lord's House!

More of Parker and Turner!

Here they are, the cowboys! Aunt Barbara is the Ultimate Party Planner!
She arranged for each boy (my two + her two grandsons) to have matching shirts and hats, and spend an evening by the campfire roasting marshmallows!
(Turner did not make it long with the shirt...but he loved the marshmallow!)

My favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. McClellan.....(please have him nearby if I ever need surgery or randomly happen to collapse)
..such a 'Man of God' with the sweetest spirit!
I could just sit and talk to him all night, or listen to his jokes...haha!

I loved this picture!!! Here is Parker asking Uncle Ernie probably the 'Most important' question of his life right then...who knows what it was, but they enjoy each others conversation!

Oopsie...slightly out of order!
Here is Aunt Barbara with Turner at the hospital right after he was born!

Thank you Uncle Ernie and Aunt Barbara for everything you have done for us to help us see Jesus, make wise choices and encourage us to follow Him in all that we do!
We love you!

You can't get more Precious than this! Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara!

Monday, March 9, 2009

God is Faithful.

I wanted to share this with you.

Shaun's article in Worship Leader Magazine (March/April) edition. Go to page 84, the dude is so sexy...

I am a proud wife. God is good. We love ministry at VNC.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Potato Four

I have had Childrens' Ministry on the mind!!
For those who have not heard, I will be coordinating the K-4th graders on Wednesday nights at VNC http://www.valponaz.org/ starting April 1 !
(ahhh...just a few weeks!)
Anywho...I have had tons of fun just looking at fun classroom things...

I found this cool website that you can buy old vintage collections of things!

A little pricey! But a great place for ideas!!

Couldn't I just use some of the ideas and build my own creation??
Imagine the yardstick with pegs as a coat rack....what do you think?
Who knows, but I do know it is fun to brainstorm!!

You can click on the link and visit three potato four...

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Jedi Master turns SIX!

I ordered this amazing invite from http://www.princessandthepeas.com/
I was thinking of my own personal scrapbook when I ordered it!
I also received many compliments! (Thank you Princess and the Peas)

My mom and dad were able to come to Valpo for the party!!

Not only did they show up...but they were in COSTUME!

The cake was made by a friend from church, Diana Wright!
(Yes, she is starting a business...and I am trying to help!)...beware of black frosting!

My father, was the ultimate Villain!!
You should have seen the kids when he walked down the stairs to his theme song.

Each child was able to complete 'Jedi Training'...he let them each take about 4-5 swings, and then 'graciously' let them win by raising his arm and bowing his head.

Princess Leah was demonstrating the power of "God"

The handsome Jedi Knight, Shaun was using this as an opportunity to guide young lings to the 'Force of God'...

I made tunics for each child and the Princess called each by name for the presentation!

The youngest Jedi was 2 years old and was not able to complete the training..maybe next time.

The group picture!

The group picture PLUS the Death Star! The death star was a hit! We passed it around the circle to Star Wars music and when the music stopped, the child who was holding the Death Star gave their present to Parker.

We did take a moment to 'refuel' the Jedi's!

Each child was then presented with their own certificate of completion!

What an amazing memory! I truly LOVE to celebrate!!

We have had many parties and I LOVE the process of creating them!

Let me know if I can help you plan your next party!

just email me at mcclellancourt@yahoo.com