Monday, March 2, 2009

The Jedi Master turns SIX!

I ordered this amazing invite from
I was thinking of my own personal scrapbook when I ordered it!
I also received many compliments! (Thank you Princess and the Peas)

My mom and dad were able to come to Valpo for the party!!

Not only did they show up...but they were in COSTUME!

The cake was made by a friend from church, Diana Wright!
(Yes, she is starting a business...and I am trying to help!)...beware of black frosting!

My father, was the ultimate Villain!!
You should have seen the kids when he walked down the stairs to his theme song.

Each child was able to complete 'Jedi Training'...he let them each take about 4-5 swings, and then 'graciously' let them win by raising his arm and bowing his head.

Princess Leah was demonstrating the power of "God"

The handsome Jedi Knight, Shaun was using this as an opportunity to guide young lings to the 'Force of God'...

I made tunics for each child and the Princess called each by name for the presentation!

The youngest Jedi was 2 years old and was not able to complete the training..maybe next time.

The group picture!

The group picture PLUS the Death Star! The death star was a hit! We passed it around the circle to Star Wars music and when the music stopped, the child who was holding the Death Star gave their present to Parker.

We did take a moment to 'refuel' the Jedi's!

Each child was then presented with their own certificate of completion!

What an amazing memory! I truly LOVE to celebrate!!

We have had many parties and I LOVE the process of creating them!

Let me know if I can help you plan your next party!

just email me at


  1. What an awesome birthday! I'm sure that will be a special memory for everyone involved!!

  2. Looks like so much fun!! I'm glad your parents could be there to celebrate. Happy (belated) Birthday, Parker!

  3. Holy cow...are you WonderWoman? It seems there's nothing you can't do. Amazing party.

  4. Thakx for letting us be part of Parkers special day!!!! Ivan has been talking about it for days. You are trully gifted in the party depot!