Monday, June 29, 2009


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pull out the Umbrella!

So, yes, I was in charge of my sister's
bridal shower this past weekend!
And, yes, we had a great time!
I just finished my scrapbook that I will give to her
as a memory keepsake, and I wanted to share my ideas with you all.
I had her read an excerpt from a 1950's textbook
entitled "How to be a good wife" (yes we all laughed!)
...then each person had to write their own
advice to her, 2009 version,
about how to be a good wife and
I then compiled it into the scrapbook!

Some pages show the gift giver, the gift and the advice!

Heather did an amazing job at adding a homemade touch to her gifts!
A pot with the letter 'E' hanging from it! (for Eich)
...and a homemade journal!

More beautiful girls!

Sweet Jan and Grandma !

More friends!

Below is Kalee's sweet future Mother-in-law, Betsy and her mother, Betty!
It was so nice of them to come all the way from Durango to share the day with us!

And there is always me and Grandma D!
(I still need to write my advice, I really need to think of something good!)

And of course, the mother of the bride!
I had to put this picture in!
She is still working on her advice as well!

Sweet Barb and Dana!

Lyssa and Linda.

The group and the food!
Oh. I love a party!

Angie and Brenda!

Kalee opening the shower gifts!!

The greatest hostess, Pam!!
(And the wedding coordinator!)

Thank you Pam!
We couldn't have done it without you!

(she is below on the left with the yellow background)

Coleman came at the end, thankfully,
to meet the ladies and help carry the gifts home!

What a match made in heaven!
Just a few more weeks til the
And Kalee will be Mrs. Eich!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Older!

This has been a busy week! And as I was thinking
about my past birthdays, I thought about sharing with you some of my memories.
This picture is from my BIRTHday, 6-17-76...that is my dad!
Lester Louis Dryer. (he is 23 yrs. old)
Here I am at 6 mos.
And about 9 mos.

With the entire Dryer family at Christmas!
What a fun group!
From the left (Uncle Steve, Grandma Dryer holding me,
Grandpa Dryer, Great-Grandma Dryer, Uncle Chris, Mom, Uncle Ronnie)

My beautiful mom and me.
(sorry you just have to turn your head)

My mom has older twin sisters, Pat and Pam, who were also born on June 17th,
so for every birthday I can remember on the Turner side, we celebrated together!
This was my first birthday.Here is the family once my brother, Jared arrived.I believe this is my 3rd birthday and my cookie monster cake.
(my cousin Renee in the background with her sweet BeeGee shirt)
Jared and I at my fifth birthday party.

On the Dryer side of the family,
I always celebrated
with my dad and Uncle Ronnie.
We had all of the June birthdays together!
So many memories on Grandpa and Grandma's porch!

1982 (picture below) this a Parker look or what?

Again, celebrating with Aunt Pam.
I think I wore two braids for ten years straight!

1983- I got my first camera!

My sister soon came along, and Jared
and I did our best to take care of her!

Next was 1985, and I was turning 8 years old!
I had a cabbage patch party with a
pink cake and my first sleepover!

My dad stayed up and told all of the girls scary stories.

Like I said, most birthday pictures were with dad and Uncle Ronnie!

Oh and I couldn't forget to show you
the Ziggy cake I had for my 9th birthday!

That was the year my friends and I went to the most
amazing slides in the middle of the corn fields of Nebraska!
We actually sat inside potato sacks to slide down!

As you can see, I have always loved to celebrate!
I love birthdays!
I am sure glad that I have come a long way since my 9th birthday!

So, sorry to tell you I will not bore you with the next 25+ years of celebrations.
I will tell you I do remember most of them and they have been fun!
Here is to number 33!!

This was not my cake, just one I found that said 33.

But, thank you Shaun and Outback Steakhouse for providing me with...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gem-like Jam

I was privileged enough to enjoy the entire day
with my family yesterday making strawberry jam.
Grandma Turner is practically famous for the greatest jam ever (at least in our family).
And no one really knew how to make it until my sister Kalee
decided we needed to have a family canning day.
My mom washed the jars.

Grandma had a special way of slicing the strawberries.

She then would take the sliced berries and
place them into the kitchen aid
grinder extension, making exactly 2 cups a batch.

I then helped when it came to the 'Sure jell' step
...making sure to follow the instructions precisely.

Shaun had to approve of each and every batch.

Here is the entire canning team.
From the left, Stephanie (my sweet sister-in-law), Shaun,
my mom, Grandma Turner, and Kalee (my sister).

After the first two batches, we asked Grandma to put
her feet up for awhile, and Kalee took over the grinding.

Stephanie was then in charge of the sterilization of all of the jars and sealing of lids.

I wanted to take this picture to show you
the type of Grandmother I have. She still carries the
box with the extensions for her
kitchen supplies around. I believe this one is from the 1950's.

The picture below shows you the high-tech contraption
Grandma T has developed over the years for the
grinding process to be complete.

Grandma Turner taking a much needed break with her dog Tally.

The girls in the kitchen trying to
complete another batch on our own.

Sisters bonding over jamming.

So many jars!
They soon took over the kitchen.

Sweet Stephanie and Turner!

Turner was so proud of the end result!

He could have made a commercial
for strawberry jam!
Turner says "ta-da-da"!

Coleman Eich (Kalee's fiance) soon showed up and
we were so excited to share with him our end result!

I am not allowed to tell the blogging world what all
the 201 jars of homemade
strawberry jam are for at this time.