Monday, June 1, 2009

My Eighth Wonder of the World!

My husband surprised me today with an afternoon date!
He took me to my favorite place in the world, Mt. Evans.
(the Eighth wonder of the world)
We had a fabulous time.
We even stopped along the way to enjoy the waterfalls!

Echo Lake looked magnificent, even in the rain.

We then stopped for lunch and shopping in Idaho Springs.

I fell in love with a new store... THE WILD GRAPE.

Then we just HAD to stop at the Ski Country Antiques
on the way down from the mountain.
What a fun place, with it's very own museum inside!

I wanted to take some snapshots for all of the antique
shoppers out there in cyberspace who may want to decorate with a mountain flare!

Snowshoes and skis everywhere!

Rows and rows of them!

Many vintage 1940's prints.

The inside of the warehouse, ski-lifts and all!

I loved the stained glass.

Shaun loved the elk.

What a cool bed.

Walls of sleds.

Skis as frames for old maps of resorts.

Another bed, mountain style.

Museum collection of snowboards.

Shaun on the sleigh in the winter sports museum.

Another view of the inside of the museum.

As we left, we walked around the porch
to find even more vintage bicycles and signs.

What a fun afternoon in the mountains of Colorado.

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