Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pull out the Umbrella!

So, yes, I was in charge of my sister's
bridal shower this past weekend!
And, yes, we had a great time!
I just finished my scrapbook that I will give to her
as a memory keepsake, and I wanted to share my ideas with you all.
I had her read an excerpt from a 1950's textbook
entitled "How to be a good wife" (yes we all laughed!)
...then each person had to write their own
advice to her, 2009 version,
about how to be a good wife and
I then compiled it into the scrapbook!

Some pages show the gift giver, the gift and the advice!

Heather did an amazing job at adding a homemade touch to her gifts!
A pot with the letter 'E' hanging from it! (for Eich)
...and a homemade journal!

More beautiful girls!

Sweet Jan and Grandma !

More friends!

Below is Kalee's sweet future Mother-in-law, Betsy and her mother, Betty!
It was so nice of them to come all the way from Durango to share the day with us!

And there is always me and Grandma D!
(I still need to write my advice, I really need to think of something good!)

And of course, the mother of the bride!
I had to put this picture in!
She is still working on her advice as well!

Sweet Barb and Dana!

Lyssa and Linda.

The group and the food!
Oh. I love a party!

Angie and Brenda!

Kalee opening the shower gifts!!

The greatest hostess, Pam!!
(And the wedding coordinator!)

Thank you Pam!
We couldn't have done it without you!

(she is below on the left with the yellow background)

Coleman came at the end, thankfully,
to meet the ladies and help carry the gifts home!

What a match made in heaven!
Just a few more weeks til the
And Kalee will be Mrs. Eich!

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  1. Thanks for inviting me...(husband of the sister of the bride)