Thursday, September 20, 2012

52 Days til November 6, 2012

 I must say that I have had politics on the mind!
I have even questioned a career change lately.
(don't worry, I didn't do it)
But I have spent most of my extra time looking for 
vintage Republican decor.
I believe it is important to pass down my values
to my children, and I can't think of a better
way than to hang a few on the walls of our home.
 This is a vintage ladies scarf with the history of the GOP stitched on it.
 Another vintage print with pictures of our Republican Leaders.
 A burlap bag from the 1976 Republican Convention.
 A Republican Thimble that states, 
"Straight Republican Ticket"
 The entire collection from my
Grandma Dryer.
If I can influence any of you,
please vote Straight Republican,
vote for liberty!