Thursday, December 6, 2012

Worship Leader Position Filled!

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus!

When the apostle Paul was addressing the church in Thessalonica, after his greeting he writes, “We always thank God for all of you.” As I address you today I understand how indebted I am as pastor to the wonderful people that make up the Denver First Church of the Nazarene. Sherri and I thank God for you in so many ways. Today I bring you good news of a journey that I, along with the Worship and Arts search committee and Church Board, have been on since August.

Pastor Shaun McClellan has accepted our offer to be our Worship Pastor here at DFC. After many weeks of researching and contacting different candidates for this important position, we have decided through prayer and much discussion, that Pastor Shaun best represents what we need as a congregation as we move into the future. DFC has had a history of great worship leaders. One of those incredible leaders has been Michael Cork. We consulted Michael about the worship leader transition several weeks ago. Just yesterday, as I advised Michael of our decision, he wholeheartedly endorsed Pastor Shaun as our new leader. Saying, in essence, that he agreed that Pastor Shaun has the gifting and anointing to lead us here at DFC as worship leader!

As so many of you know, Shaun and Courtney and their two boys call DFC their home. Courtney grew up in DFC and Shaun has ministered to us through the years. Pastor Shaun has a deep commitment to leading us in worship as well as shepherding those who are, and will be, ministering with him in the Worship and Arts department. He is a humble man and would say it’s not about him, but I, as your pastor, want all of you to know some of the honors Pastor Shaun has received by using his talent for Christ.

  • He has served as Worship Pastor of two COK churches in the Nazarene denomination. COK stands for ‘churches over a 1,000 in average attendance’. There are only 30 churches out of the 5,000 in our denomination that run over 1,000 in attendance.  Those churches have been Valparaiso and Wichita First Church.
  • Ordained Deacon in the Church of the Nazarene.
  • Worship Leader and Guest Artist for Shadow Mountain Church and Arena Events for Dr. David Jeremiah for over 8000 in attendance.
  • Worship Leader for Nazarene General Assembly for over 50,000 in attendance.
  • Worship Leader for Nazarene Youth Congress for over 10,000 in attendance.
  • Background vocals for Larnell Harris and other studio artists.
  • Worship Leader for Revivals, Seminars and camps across the country.
  • Guest artist for community events and theater including locally Bandimere Speedway and Lakewood Cultural Center.

Pastor Shaun has a heritage and a love for his denomination. He is committed to continue our loyalty to the traditions and theology of our great work. Pastor Shaun also best reflects an ability to honor what has been, but also to move us to what will be, as we reach out to an ever-changing culture here in Denver and to our mission around the world.

Finally, I want to exhort and encourage you to pray for Pastor Shaun and Courtney and to support them and the DFC leadership in this decision. This is a significant step of faith for them and all of us here at DFC. Let us all get behind the McClellans and pray for them and love them, just as you have done for me and many other pastors who have been called to lead this diverse and great congregation. I believe this choice is God’s will for us here at DFC.

We will be praying for and lifting the McClellans up in both services this Sunday. Please be here if at all possible! Thanks again for your support and prayers. We anticipate great days ahead for DFC!

You are loved!

Pastor Shawn A. Siegfreid
Lead Pastor DFC

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

 Yes, it was time for another Star Wars Birthday Party!
Turner turned 6 yo last week and it was all he wanted!
 We decorated our home!
We made goody bags for all!

 Parker was a trained Jedi, and all of the other
kids were to complete Jedi training!
 Yes, you can laugh at my homemade Wilton R2D2 cake.
But, it tasted great!
 Turner on the Jedi Training Course!
 All of the Jedi's!
 Thankfully, the weather was awesome!
So the Jedi's had to run up the hill to complete the 
Training Course!
 Ready to play tag,
Sith vs. Jedi
 McClellan Style Jedi Training
 Guess who I am game!
 the littlest Jedi, Griffin!
 Ready to sing!
 Even Daphnie had a Jedi costume!
 It would not be complete without a 
visit from Princess Leah and 
Darth Vader!
 Each Jedi finished their
training with a battle against
Darth Vader.
 They loved it!
 And of course, it got a little crazy!
 Finally, each Jedi received their own
certificate of completion!
 Waiting for the parents of the Jedi's to arrive!
 Shaun's first time holding little Griffin!
Happy Birthday Turner!
I can't believe you are 6!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet My Nephew, Griffin

 On October 5, 2012,
my sister, Kalee and her husband Coleman
welcomed their son
Griffin James Eich 
into the world!
 Over fall break, the boys and I journeyed
to Durango, by way of the Sand Dunes,
to meet Griffin!
 Oh, and we brought Grammy of course!
 There was nothing more precious than
being able to hold Griffin,
Talk to Griffin, while he was awake,
 and start to tell him all about the world!!

 He laughed when I told him about Obama's first debate.
 He cooed when we talked about going for a walk.
 The colors were absolutely amazing in Durango!
We even ventured to go near the river.
 Turner Michael McClellan
 Parker Lewis McClellan
 Grammy and Kalee,
with two little photo-bombers.
 Griffin loved to be held by his handsome daddy!
 Grammy with her three grand-baby-boys,
we missed Daphnie!
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Griffin!
He was so wide awake, so alert,
so charming and so precious!
 Wait a minute, this may be my favorite picture!
I loved how Griffin wanted to hold hands with Kalee.
And I am ending this blog post with a picture of my sister's pantry!
Yes, she is a healthy person, and 
No, I do not even know what the names of all of these 
grains are, or how to cook them!
Until Thanksgiving,
I will keep re-looking at all of my 
pictures of Sweet Griffin James!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

52 Days til November 6, 2012

 I must say that I have had politics on the mind!
I have even questioned a career change lately.
(don't worry, I didn't do it)
But I have spent most of my extra time looking for 
vintage Republican decor.
I believe it is important to pass down my values
to my children, and I can't think of a better
way than to hang a few on the walls of our home.
 This is a vintage ladies scarf with the history of the GOP stitched on it.
 Another vintage print with pictures of our Republican Leaders.
 A burlap bag from the 1976 Republican Convention.
 A Republican Thimble that states, 
"Straight Republican Ticket"
 The entire collection from my
Grandma Dryer.
If I can influence any of you,
please vote Straight Republican,
vote for liberty!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Shower Scrapbook

 I just finished this scrapbook for my sweet sister!
She is expecting her first baby this October.
 At the shower, I asked each person invited to write 
predictions for 
Griffin James Eich!
 It was so fun to read everyone's predictions
on when he will be born, how big he will be, 
what career he will have and 
what his favorite things
will be!
 I did try to place each person's picture
by the predictions that they wrote.
I also had fun trying to 
remember what each person gave to Kalee,
and I tried to include a picture of that too!
 Stephanie did so much!!
She brought food, colored m & m's and the 
cutest gift.
 It was so fun to see the gifts that everyone brought!
 Sorry, Heather, I am having trouble trying to 
figure out how to turn this picture!
 Jackie! I love Kalee's face at the bottom
right corner.
 Sweet Angie and her daughter came to the shower!
 Look at this cute tuxedo that Brenda brought!
 Lyssa Massie! I had a fun time creating
phrases that I thought Kalee said!
 Pam, I wanted everyone to see the 
amazing fruit salad that you made!
the entire spread
 the mama
 her sweet friend from Durango even
made the drive!
 the nurse!
 Dana and her sweet mom!
 Sorry, Jan, another one I was unable to turn!
 And I completely flipped Jan's mom around!
 Aunt Amy and her daughter Megan were able to come!
 Megan's page!
 This page is all about my cousin Renee,
she is so sweet!
 I love this face!
Bonny is a great friend of my mama's!
 the Yolo onesie was a big hit!
 Irenie!! The other nurse!
 Of course, I had to dedicate a page to myself!
And the Republican bib!
 Kalee had so many cool things that
were homemade that I made an
entire page of the gifts!
 Coleman, the dad!
Again, just tilt your head!
The End