Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby Shower Scrapbook

 I just finished this scrapbook for my sweet sister!
She is expecting her first baby this October.
 At the shower, I asked each person invited to write 
predictions for 
Griffin James Eich!
 It was so fun to read everyone's predictions
on when he will be born, how big he will be, 
what career he will have and 
what his favorite things
will be!
 I did try to place each person's picture
by the predictions that they wrote.
I also had fun trying to 
remember what each person gave to Kalee,
and I tried to include a picture of that too!
 Stephanie did so much!!
She brought food, colored m & m's and the 
cutest gift.
 It was so fun to see the gifts that everyone brought!
 Sorry, Heather, I am having trouble trying to 
figure out how to turn this picture!
 Jackie! I love Kalee's face at the bottom
right corner.
 Sweet Angie and her daughter came to the shower!
 Look at this cute tuxedo that Brenda brought!
 Lyssa Massie! I had a fun time creating
phrases that I thought Kalee said!
 Pam, I wanted everyone to see the 
amazing fruit salad that you made!
the entire spread
 the mama
 her sweet friend from Durango even
made the drive!
 the nurse!
 Dana and her sweet mom!
 Sorry, Jan, another one I was unable to turn!
 And I completely flipped Jan's mom around!
 Aunt Amy and her daughter Megan were able to come!
 Megan's page!
 This page is all about my cousin Renee,
she is so sweet!
 I love this face!
Bonny is a great friend of my mama's!
 the Yolo onesie was a big hit!
 Irenie!! The other nurse!
 Of course, I had to dedicate a page to myself!
And the Republican bib!
 Kalee had so many cool things that
were homemade that I made an
entire page of the gifts!
 Coleman, the dad!
Again, just tilt your head!
The End

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