Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meet My Nephew, Griffin

 On October 5, 2012,
my sister, Kalee and her husband Coleman
welcomed their son
Griffin James Eich 
into the world!
 Over fall break, the boys and I journeyed
to Durango, by way of the Sand Dunes,
to meet Griffin!
 Oh, and we brought Grammy of course!
 There was nothing more precious than
being able to hold Griffin,
Talk to Griffin, while he was awake,
 and start to tell him all about the world!!

 He laughed when I told him about Obama's first debate.
 He cooed when we talked about going for a walk.
 The colors were absolutely amazing in Durango!
We even ventured to go near the river.
 Turner Michael McClellan
 Parker Lewis McClellan
 Grammy and Kalee,
with two little photo-bombers.
 Griffin loved to be held by his handsome daddy!
 Grammy with her three grand-baby-boys,
we missed Daphnie!
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Griffin!
He was so wide awake, so alert,
so charming and so precious!
 Wait a minute, this may be my favorite picture!
I loved how Griffin wanted to hold hands with Kalee.
And I am ending this blog post with a picture of my sister's pantry!
Yes, she is a healthy person, and 
No, I do not even know what the names of all of these 
grains are, or how to cook them!
Until Thanksgiving,
I will keep re-looking at all of my 
pictures of Sweet Griffin James!