Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

 Yes, it was time for another Star Wars Birthday Party!
Turner turned 6 yo last week and it was all he wanted!
 We decorated our home!
We made goody bags for all!

 Parker was a trained Jedi, and all of the other
kids were to complete Jedi training!
 Yes, you can laugh at my homemade Wilton R2D2 cake.
But, it tasted great!
 Turner on the Jedi Training Course!
 All of the Jedi's!
 Thankfully, the weather was awesome!
So the Jedi's had to run up the hill to complete the 
Training Course!
 Ready to play tag,
Sith vs. Jedi
 McClellan Style Jedi Training
 Guess who I am game!
 the littlest Jedi, Griffin!
 Ready to sing!
 Even Daphnie had a Jedi costume!
 It would not be complete without a 
visit from Princess Leah and 
Darth Vader!
 Each Jedi finished their
training with a battle against
Darth Vader.
 They loved it!
 And of course, it got a little crazy!
 Finally, each Jedi received their own
certificate of completion!
 Waiting for the parents of the Jedi's to arrive!
 Shaun's first time holding little Griffin!
Happy Birthday Turner!
I can't believe you are 6!

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