Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting Older!

This has been a busy week! And as I was thinking
about my past birthdays, I thought about sharing with you some of my memories.
This picture is from my BIRTHday, 6-17-76...that is my dad!
Lester Louis Dryer. (he is 23 yrs. old)
Here I am at 6 mos.
And about 9 mos.

With the entire Dryer family at Christmas!
What a fun group!
From the left (Uncle Steve, Grandma Dryer holding me,
Grandpa Dryer, Great-Grandma Dryer, Uncle Chris, Mom, Uncle Ronnie)

My beautiful mom and me.
(sorry you just have to turn your head)

My mom has older twin sisters, Pat and Pam, who were also born on June 17th,
so for every birthday I can remember on the Turner side, we celebrated together!
This was my first birthday.Here is the family once my brother, Jared arrived.I believe this is my 3rd birthday and my cookie monster cake.
(my cousin Renee in the background with her sweet BeeGee shirt)
Jared and I at my fifth birthday party.

On the Dryer side of the family,
I always celebrated
with my dad and Uncle Ronnie.
We had all of the June birthdays together!
So many memories on Grandpa and Grandma's porch!

1982 (picture below) this a Parker look or what?

Again, celebrating with Aunt Pam.
I think I wore two braids for ten years straight!

1983- I got my first camera!

My sister soon came along, and Jared
and I did our best to take care of her!

Next was 1985, and I was turning 8 years old!
I had a cabbage patch party with a
pink cake and my first sleepover!

My dad stayed up and told all of the girls scary stories.

Like I said, most birthday pictures were with dad and Uncle Ronnie!

Oh and I couldn't forget to show you
the Ziggy cake I had for my 9th birthday!

That was the year my friends and I went to the most
amazing slides in the middle of the corn fields of Nebraska!
We actually sat inside potato sacks to slide down!

As you can see, I have always loved to celebrate!
I love birthdays!
I am sure glad that I have come a long way since my 9th birthday!

So, sorry to tell you I will not bore you with the next 25+ years of celebrations.
I will tell you I do remember most of them and they have been fun!
Here is to number 33!!

This was not my cake, just one I found that said 33.

But, thank you Shaun and Outback Steakhouse for providing me with...


  1. That was really cool Courtney!! Boy, some of those pics sure show the proof that Turner is your child, eh?

  2. Happy belated birthday. I forgot yours is two days after Alec's. I hope it was a great day and miss you.