Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara!

For those of you who know me, You know I am am fairly new at scrap hear me out. I had to make my 2nd scrapbook through Snapfish because....
1. I had too many pictures and
2. I was on a time crunch for Aunt Barbara's birthday and
3. I have rewards to use with my coke rewards.
So here it is, a glimpse into my book...
many of the pictures look faded, but remember it is a picture of a picture of a picture!

WHO is Aunt Barbara? Well, she is married to my father-in-law's brother!
Yes, she is my husband's aunt (mine by marriage) married to Sweet Uncle Ernie!
When we moved to Wichita Kansas with a 2week old (Parker), we lived in their basement for 6weeks. This was a difficult transition for me; however, the beginning of a blessed relationship with Uncle Ernie and Aunt Barbara! We spent 5 years in Wichita, and I have entitled this book, "Five Years of Blessings"..these are many memories wrapped into 60 pages and sent to Aunt Barbara for her birthday as a "thank you" for being such an amazing 'Woman of God'!

Here is the cover! I did actually dress it up a little after this picture was taken!
Here are my boys again! This is a special picture because Aunt Barbara gave their "Texas" shirts!

Proverbs 3:18 sums it up!

Parker- age one.

Parker in the front yard and then in the toy room with Aunt Barbara!

Here are the McClellan Brothers! I love these guys!!!

More from Parker's first bd! I had so much fun picking out the sizes of pictures and backgrounds!

Here she is with her grandson Alex and Parker..they are only a few months apart!

Oh, more of my favorite people in the world...Kip and Cherie!
What a beautiful wedding they had and what a match made in heaven!

Turner enters the book, approximately page 50 (sorry Turner).

Here they are...the beautiful McClellan Couples!! And the boys on the rocking horse!

I tried so hard to get a good picture of this page!
This is my favorite two pages in the book...
the gardens of Aunt Barbara's...she is a Master Gardner
(I had no clue what that was until I met her) and these are a few glimpses into her world of gardening!
I always wanted to turn her in to a magazine for them to do a profile on her...maybe I still will!

During that time, Shaun was the worship pastor at Wichita First Church of the Nazarene many precious friends and memories!!!
So of course, I had to put a few pictures in of my man in his favorite place, the Lord's House!

More of Parker and Turner!

Here they are, the cowboys! Aunt Barbara is the Ultimate Party Planner!
She arranged for each boy (my two + her two grandsons) to have matching shirts and hats, and spend an evening by the campfire roasting marshmallows!
(Turner did not make it long with the shirt...but he loved the marshmallow!)

My favorite anesthesiologist, Dr. McClellan.....(please have him nearby if I ever need surgery or randomly happen to collapse)
..such a 'Man of God' with the sweetest spirit!
I could just sit and talk to him all night, or listen to his jokes...haha!

I loved this picture!!! Here is Parker asking Uncle Ernie probably the 'Most important' question of his life right then...who knows what it was, but they enjoy each others conversation!

Oopsie...slightly out of order!
Here is Aunt Barbara with Turner at the hospital right after he was born!

Thank you Uncle Ernie and Aunt Barbara for everything you have done for us to help us see Jesus, make wise choices and encourage us to follow Him in all that we do!
We love you!

You can't get more Precious than this! Happy Birthday Aunt Barbara!


  1. You did a lovely job on the book. Happy Birthday to a super aunt!

  2. Great job, Court! You created a beautiful book!

  3. Checking to see if I can leave a comment!
    Hi Courtney!