Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Growth!

Oh, how I LOVE spring! I love the Spring growth I see in my garden.
I love the sunshine I feel on my face, and I love the birds I hear at my window!!
I went to the Porter County Fairgrounds Garage Sale Day with a friend a few weeks ago. There were over 200 booths of amazing things to see, man, was that ever a trip!
Talk about trying to push your way through a crowd!
I went looking for a couple of things. One thing I did NOT find was a large family Bible!
The coolest part was the very next Thursday
I was working at my church (VNC) and I looked over to my left, and there it was,
the large family bible that I had looked for the Saturday before!! It is beautiful!!
I just wanted to show you the beautiful pages inside,
not to mention the artwork that HE gifted someone to create!

Thank you God for the gift of the large family Bible! I love it!
It is laying on my white end table underneath the stenciled letters
"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord" Josh. 24:15
So you have heard about the inside of my house,
here is the outside....

Here is some spring growth from my garden! Love it!

More beauty!

Tiny crocus!

Yellow daffodils!

Light yellow daffodils!

Here comes the day lilies, I believe.

My personal favorite...the hydrangea!!!
You can see her if you look 'real' close...she is the green leaf in the center!

Oh, and we always fill the bird feeder this time of year!
PS. Yes, the red bird has returned many times and tap, tap, tappie on the window...

Front yard beauty!

Last year I did NOT do well with this rose bush!
This year, I am praying that she has a better year!
So as I looked through the gift the LORD gave me=the beautiful BIBLE...
I thought I should give my friends a gift! And then I asked, "what do I have to give Lord?".....

I then remembered the eleventh commandment
"Love one another as I have loved you"....
so I my friends "I love you"...
Oh and I also say ....for some strange reason when I went to work last Sunday (Porter hospital) the guy in the cafeteria gave me a stack of Refresh YOU coupons with scratch off codes and said "i hope you win" but I cannot get the website to take my email address, so please try to enter yours and let me know if you win a free trip for two and a chance to refresh yourself with a luxurious spa package or rejuvenating golf vacation via Pepsi.
If you win , I will start drinking Pepsi, just let me know!

Just let me know! Thanks!

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