Friday, April 24, 2009

More Family Bible.

Here he is! David slays Goliath! The action took place on the plain of Elah, in the hill country between the mountains of Judah and the plains of the Mediterranean, about eleven miles southwest of Jerusalem.

This one is entitled ' A sinful woman forgiven'
it is taken from the scripture reference Luke 7: 36-50. Simon had invited Jesus as an honored guest, but had failed to pay him the courtesies appropriate to the occasion. It remained for the woman, known to us as a sinner, to bathe his feet with her tears wipe them dry with her hair, kiss them with in humble affection, and anoint them with costly perfume.

"God's Love for a Lost World"
Then, of course, we have John 3 :16, which I have re-read over and over, embracing and clinging to each and every time.

I love this picture!

This is the Genealogy Record and Children's Register, the next page has the Military Service Record and additional General Information about the family to fill out such as important events in the families history. I cannot wait to fill these pages out!

Daniel in the Den of Lions. Daniel prayed to the God of Israel where he could be seen, among the lions, standing erect, dignified, and with his hands bound behind his back. The lions cringed and snarled, but let Daniel alone.

I even happen to find a list of names for God in 48 different languages!!

The back 100 pages are full of concordance/index pages with black and white pictures such as you see above!

And now...I am fast forwarding you to my bible today bible that I read for my devotionals each and every day. Welcome to 2009. This Life Principles Bible is great because it has an Old Test, New Test. , Psalms and Proverbs for each day to read...and that is NOT even the best part! The best part is the 30 Life Principles that are intertwined into the Bible...I read over all 30 each morning and claim each one!! Sometimes I have to reread and reread them! (especially no. #19 and #20)

Oh yeah...I will sometimes tear out magazine clippings and use them as bookmarks for my bible if there is something that really grabs me!

And since we went to the mall today, I did receive a free sample of the women's fragrance Perry Ellis, I put that in today's devotional to make my bible smell good!!! I guess it is as close as I can come to giving the Lord my expensive perfume! Thank you Lord for forgiving me!

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