Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Hour of Power

I am currently on a journey.
My journey is to become a more healthy person.

Each morning I am waking up and walking/running.

(and do I ever LOVE those country roads)

I have loved the walks and talks with God each morning

during my 'hour of power'.

I have seen the beauty of the earth and heard the birds singing,

seen the sun rise and felt the rain fall.

However, with becoming a more healthy person means going to bed earlier,

(last night was 10 pm) and then I am WIDE awake with the rooster at 5:30 AM!

So the walks with the Lord start early these days!

Part of my struggle has been a much needed break from caffeine.

Caffeine has been my 'drug of choice' if you will.

I am now 'caffeine free' for about 3 weeks now, and I feel great!

I sure can't stay up as late, but I feel great!

I love these boys!

And I had to put this picture in because I can't wait til Mother's Day!

As I went on my walk this morning I thought

of Parker telling me about how he earns his

"Common Sense Chips" at school..

You know, things we all need to know...

I typed in 'common sense' on flickr.com and this is the picture that came up

(pretty good example I must say)

But for today,

the common sense chip the Lord gave me on my walk today

was "the early bird really does get the worm"

(seriously, the worms were everywhere...and they were fat ones!)

And the Lord Blessed the Latter part of Job's life more than the first.

Job 42:12

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