Wednesday, April 29, 2009

God Answers Prayer

At the age of 13 I was called to be a nurse. I was a patient in Denver Children's Hospital, scared out of my mind, with acute appendicitis. (which I know now is very common diagnosis) I had the greatest nurse in the world, and I remember telling the Lord if he allowed me to live, (that is how scared I was) I would serve him as a nurse however he needed me, 100%!!
So after receiving my BSN from Point Loma Nazarene University I started my dream job at Denver Children's Hospital. I worked primarily with Neuro-Rehab patients and transitioned quickly to the the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). I LOVED my job!! I do however remember vividly the five patients that died while in my care, I remember just as vividly the many lives that were changed for the GLORY of GOD!! There really are SO many that I cannot even begin to write the number of miracle stories I have. (I will save those for my close friends :)) But I will share with you today the few that I found as I was cleaning out my basement this morning.
This was sweet JL who climbed her mountain of rehab over 3 months with many critical days. She pulled through and GLORY to GOD she will be able to watch Harry Potter again and read Stuart Little. Thanks God!! I know you have BIG plans for her!
These are the famous Stark conjoined twins, joined at the hip and lower back. It took a team of 60 doctors and nurses to carefully separate them. This was HUGE people!!! One of the key doctors was my own personal favorite doctor, pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Handler (see below). You will not meet someone with greater intellect and smoother bedside manner.
And here they are! The surgery was successful! They did great! Thanks God!
I took care of this 15 year old in the PICU. She had come home from school with lice and her neighbor rinsed her hair with gasoline in an effort to kill the lice. Then the girl walked past the gas stove and she ignited. She had spent 3-4 months with us in the burn unit inside the PICU. Praise the Lord her life was spared.
BJ was a 16 yo driving unbuckled and fell asleep at the wheel. He was thrown from the vehicle and the car rolled on top of him. He is now a quadraplegic and represents the 'no excuses, buckle up' group that talks to young adults!! Thanks GOD for sparing his life!

So here are the two boys in my life! I thank you God that you have BIG PLans for their LIVES! And thank YOU GOD for answering PARKER's prayers for the endangered species!!! (he has prayed for them every night for over a year!!!)What does this mean you ask??
"When God gives you a gift, he wraps it up in a CHILD-
GOD is in the innocent upward TRUSTING glance of a child!"
(Michael Card lyric)

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  1. Wonderful stories Courtney, I remember the EMS calls that have affected me as well. The call where someone said roll the car. To the epileptic who had a Neuro Stim to help stop her seizures. Only problem it didn't work. Keep me posted to how you are doing. My blog has my email.

    Blessings Kristine