Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just a Vessel

Tonight was my first night at Club Wednesday.
This is my new calling to the K-3rd graders in their mid-week program at church.
Truly the Lord has given me a passion for the kids and their 'stories'..

I attempted a few science experiments...
one of which the noise magnets (seen below)
were suppose to click together and spin while falling in the air...
lesson in the magnet force we could use to cling to Him..
Well, I did throw the magnets up and oopsie...they stuck to the ceiling!
The best part was that Christopher (a 3rd grader) jumped up
and said I could use his that were in his pocket! (I LOVE these guys!)

The lesson was on Humility and Pride!

Truly it was more of a lesson for me...

I was at times needing to 'humble myself' and act crazy for the kids! ...

but, please remember, it is the INSIDE and NOT the OUTSIDE that the Lord looks at! (whew.....that is a relief :))

May the children realize the importance of loving others and who GOD created!
..No matter who, we all need to teach the lesson in humility and pride
...because we have all been there.

May the children realize that this is from HIS Holy Word,
the book we never let get dusty, or place another book on top of.

To break up the seriousness, we did have a "Guest of Honor' who allowed the kids sample possum meat and spoke of 'being different' in a way that kids can appreciate.

Each child was given a red clown nose to help the kids 'humble themselves.'
They were told to take the clown nose and keep it next to a mirror, and the next time
they want to laugh to put it on and to remember to not take yourself TOO seriously!

I even told a quick story about a patient of mine 'John' of the nicest guys in the world...
but, my oh my, did he have the biggest nose I had ever seen.
God looks on the INSIDE not the OUTSIDE!

May we continue to teach our children RESPECT.
May the kids know what it means to have respect for all people, no matter what.
And may the kids learn what it means to treat the "guest" with honor.

Does a child truly know honor?
And have I demonstrated it?

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be your vessel.
I know you truly LOVE those kids!!
And thanks for the extra hugs I got tonight!


  1. Everytime I read your posts I always get so encouraged. Thank you so much for sharing. It means a lot!!:)

  2. Courtney, Hope you are feeling better soon.... We Miss you like crazy...