Friday, January 16, 2009

What I do.

Remind me again...why do I do what I do??

Let's see...last night, I took care of....
  • 55yo m; non-responsive, craniotomy, trached, hypotensive 70/30 (I spent all night correcting)

  • 78yo f; gi bleed, hemoglobin 6; transfused 3 units of blood and started pressors for pressure.

  • 68yo m; noncompliant diabetic, all toes amputated yesterday, gangrene bilateral lower extremities, first dressing change, my responsibility (that was fun)

  • 82yo f; paraplegic from spinal cord tumor; constipated, enemas til clear (more fun)

  • 85yo m; severe dementia, rectal bleed, end stage renal failure, pulled ng tube out twice, had to replace, run of vtach 14 beats, started drip, uses strong curse words.

Yes, I work an 8 hour shift that soon turns into ten. And charting???? What is that...that seems to start around 11pm.

Okay, YES i am Called to be a nurse. And YES, some days are better than others. Overall, it still remains to be the true definition of 'work'...
And I continue because deep, deep, deep down I would miss it, and deep down, a part of me enjoys helping people (I think)...sometimes I just need to remind myself of that. And someday, God forbid, I am hospitalized, the sweet nurse who takes care of me will look into my eyes like she/he is looking into the eyes of someone they genuinely care about.


  1. You have an amazing gift! I find it hard to take care of my own flesh and blood when they are puking! I can't imagine doing what you do. If I get sick, will you come be my nurse?! :)

  2. Court, any patient of yours would be so lucky to have you as their nurse! It's obvious to me why the Lord has given you this ministry. In addition to what Gennae said about your amazing gift, I think YOU are pretty amazing!!

  3. Hi Court,
    Found you at PJ's this morning. Love your blog. You are good people.
    Ronnie - in a small town in Georgia

  4. Because poking your friends with a needle once in awhile is one of the highlights!