Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dreaming in the garden!

Love the rows and fence posts. (Thanks Flickr)

This garden is divine! It is Thomas Jefferson's Vegetable Garden (taken from Flickr). I do have a passion for Presidents and this is just too good to be true!

My mind has shifted, many times this past week to many various places. One of those is the garden of my dreams. It is cold in Northwest Indiana, really cold, but I can see this garden from my kitchen window. I am anxious to change the layout this spring. The four squares was fun, but I might head to the traditional rows this year.

These are the transplants from Aunt Barbara's garden that thrived in our Kansas yard. I do miss those beautiful Perennials. I loved them so, but maybe I just had more time to love them.

I loved the dusty miller! Some people call it Lamb's Ear. It reminded me of my grandparents yard on Dartmouth. Grandpa had planted Lamb's Ear on the corner borders and as a kid, I loved "feel the softness".

The Shasta Daisies always took on the Black-Eyed Susans here. The Shastas always won!

There is nothing better than a healthy Stella!

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  1. I LOVE Your blog! Thanks for stopping by. i will add you to my list!!
    your fellow jesus lover! :)