Thursday, January 8, 2009

My love affair!!

Yes, I am in love with Danskos! They are the most comfortable shoe in the world. My last pair (look below please) has lasted me FOUR years!

I love the black patton leather, but do not have the nerve to purchase them.

I must say, they are quite pricey; however, if you consider only buying shoes every 2-4 really is quite worth it. And not to mention, I wear them with everything!
(Courtesy of the little man named Flickr)


  1. i have been wanting to buy a pair for years! I love the red ones..and the patent leather you could totally pull it off!

  2. I love shiny shoes that slip on! How expensive are they?

  3. I own the black patent leather them! I also have a shiny leopard print pair. The only shoes that don't hurt my bunion...oi!

  4. you should get the patton leather.