Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confessions of a Geek.

Yesterday, we received a wonderful package in the mail! It was from Grandpa McClellan addressed to the boys. Inside were two full 50 state quarter collections! I loved it! We spent the afternoon filing the quarters away inside the appropraite circle. Not to mention that TWICE, the entire collection fell to the floor, compliments of my two year old! We then decided which ones were our favorites! My son loved IDAHO! Thank you Grandpa!

I know...THIMBLES? Yes, I have a collection of thimbles! When my Grandma Dryer went to the assisted living, she decided to give each of her grandchildren one of her collections. I actually picked the thimbles! They are very unique and I now possess TONS of them! There are Presidents, name it, I have it!

Not only that, but I do also have a FULL collection of all of the OWLS! Bless grandma's heart, I also now receive the 'Thimble Guild' magazine that she signed me up for. I almost feel bad if I do not keep buying them!

BUTTONS! Yes, at my parents house is a few jars and boxes of buttons...also from Grandma Dryer! Someday, I will find a project for them!

Jars and jars of buttons! Divided by colors!

And yes, I am collecting my coke rewards!

My junk drawer will barely open because it is full of these things!

The sad thing is that I can only enter 10 codes a day! But the good thing is, I have many products from my point exchange! My favorite being a free snapfish album! (Which I gave to my sweet sister and future brother-in-law.)


  1. Started Coke Rewards tonight...your post reminded me that I keep meaning to do it but forget...wahoo for free stuff!

  2. I have a thimble collection as well. When I first started I thought it wasn't fun or exciting but each thimble I have now excites me because each one has a story behind it:)