Monday, February 2, 2009

So happy!

I love winning!! (especially FREE things!) I received this cute package on Saturday and a large smile came to my face!

Wrapped ever so cute, was the 4 Valentine's that I won from

The cutest card came with the package!

Each Valentine is hand-crafted and darling!

I love this one!

Love this image!

I love the idea of having a contest on a blog! I am brainstorming how I can give a lucky winner something on my blog. And to think all I had to do was 'comment'...what a novel idea! Please comment if you would like me to follow through with this idea!

BIG THANKS to my new friends at noodle and lou studio!! I can't wait to send them!!


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  2. Hi Courtney! I think a giveaway is a great idea! I know of a couple of blogs you might be interested in (both for giveaways, but I think you could list your giveaway on one of them and the other has a bi-yearly giveaway carnival where you can list your giveaway).

    Good luck!

  3. I saw those valentines on their blog...that person is so talented!! Glad you won them...maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones to get one?? :) I think I would frame those. You can add those to list of red things you love!!

  4. sweet:) thank you so much!!! I'm super happy you love them and I'm glad you won:):) Have you checked out all the One World One Heart giveaways? there are hundreds!