Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Old Man Eleanor"

So my five-year old has been calling his Star Wars Legos some strange names.
It started with my friend Jenifer. She made reference to 'Old Man Eleanor' and I thought she was talking about her Uncle or something.
Then my son started calling a Lego 'Old Man Eleanor'.
We were in the car today and I said, "Parker, who is Old Man Eleanor?"
He responded, "Oh, that is Mrs. Jenifer's friend...the old Lego Obi-Won..."
So I blew it off and thought my son has too many legos!

Then tonight, the pieces came together! Parker has been blessed with an amazing mind. He has been recently pulled out of class twice a week to work with Mrs. Horn.
Tonight at the dinner table, I asked Parker if he met with Mrs. Horn today...
"Yeah Mom, we talked all about John Quincy Adams.."
I said " Oh, the second President.."
He corrected me, "No mom, he was the SIXTH President"

Not only did he know John Quincy Adams was number 6...but he went on to tell me
that he was known as ..

I asked Parker if he knew what eloquent meant...and he proceeded to define the word better than I could.

And that is when he decided to fill me in on "how he came up with the name for the Lego"
He just switched the names "Eloquent with Eleanor"..because he thought it "sounded better".
I love my boys! They keep me busy! I also love this home. It is John Quincy Adams house...the SIXTH President...also know as
(Thanks to Flickr. )


  1. that boy is BRILLIANT!!! and now it makes PERFECT sense!! i can't wait to tell makenna, she'll LOVE it! :) thanks for the shout out in the blog - holla!! i feel so big time now :)

    love you sweet friend!!!

  2. just love her family and the amazing way God is working!

  3. Can he teach a class to all of the adults who no longer remember this stuff?

  4. Oh my goodness, he sounds like he's quite gifted. Would he be available to come teach my class sometime? ;-)