Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The summer of the NHRA

Summer is over and the kids have gone back to school.
What will we all remember from the summer of 2010?

The loud engines and the smell of nitro!

Parker and Turner are now true dragster fans!

And the faster, the better.
Did you know that they will start training young
drivers at the age of 8?

I guess I should tell you how it all started...
Shaun (my husband and incredible singer)
was asked to sing the National Anthem
at the National Finals.

Shaun did such an amazing job...they even asked him back!
We spent time in the Bandimere Suite
and got to know some of the
owners, and learned a whole lot about fast cars!

These are called the 'funny cars'...
they are my favorite to watch.
They keep the front raised until right
before the race because it creates too much heat for the drivers.

This is sitting in the box.

And posing with the cars.

Shaun standing at the starting line with the Bandimere Family.

Thanks to John Sr. and John Jr. (Sporty) Bandimere
for such a great summer.

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