Friday, July 3, 2009

La Vie Claire

I have discovered one of my new favorite magazines!
It is called La Vie Claire by Claire Murray.
It seems to capture creativity and beauty from many women with many passions.

Claire's New Coffee Table Book

In 2004, Claire Murray launched La Vie Claire magazine to celebrate women living creative lives pursuing their passions. It quickly became apparent that there were many others who shared her vision, women who had been enchanted by the sea and who built their lives around this inspiration. As more and more of these women were profiled in the magazine - artists, crafters, sailors, entrepreneurs, designers - Claire realized it was time to collect their stories and share them through the pages of a beautiful coffee table book. Thus the concept of Women and the Sea was born. In telling the tales of sixteen women, Women and the Sea pays tribute to all sisters of the sea.

Not only can you buy

the coffee table book, but here

are some pictures from this summer's

magazine, 2009.

The hand hooked rugs are for sale on her website.

Many of the articles are based out of Cape Cod.

There also seems to be an article on gardening in each episode.

Crafty things.

Isn't this amazing??

Sailing!....Something I would love to do!

Pictures of beautiful homes.

We couldn't go wrong without an article on recipes!

Enjoy La Vie Claire.

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  1. I just discovered this magazine about a week ago and I just LOVE it!Anything about the sea to me is awesome, so I decided to purchase La Vie Claire because of the cover, but enjoyed everything about it. So inspiring for those of us who are creative folks. Your article is really good, too.