Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here Comes the Bride!

My baby sister got married this weekend!
She was the most beautiful bride!
Here is my mom, sister and I at the beginning of the festivities...
the Rehearsal Dinner!
My mother delievered gift bags to all of the out of town guests.

This is the homemade sign for the back of the getaway motorcycle!

My beautiful sister at the personal shower.

The spread for the personal shower.

So many pink boxes!

The 'Studmuffins' at the Rehearsal!

Her dream came true as she got married at the
amazing Washington Park in Denver Colorado.

Here they are!!
The future Dr. and Mrs. Coleman Eich!

Rehearsal Dinner shoes.

Aren't they cute?

My oldest son, Parker.

My baby Turner.

Our dad did a fabulous job.

The table centerpieces.

She loved the mason jars.

The acorn (=Eich) name cards and candles.

Vintage stencils as table markers.

Where to sit....just find your name!

The fun memory table at the Rehearsal Dinner.

The beautiful Boat House!

The Rehearsal Dinner Site!

The wedding attire for the 1940's style 'Studmuffin'.

The wedding day!
My husband officiated the wedding and I was the matron of honor.

Instead of a guest book, they had everyone sign their vintage skis.

Our family!

The Wedding Centerpieces.

Gerbers .

The women's corsages.

The men's boutonnieres.

The stunning bride Kalee.

The pictures in the park were so fun.

They are so photogenic!

The siblings.

The wedding party.

My husband and our son.

Coleman's brothers and the studmuffins.

Sweet Aunt Stephanie and boys.

Shaun sang "There is love" while Lanny York played guitar.

The cake.

Every guest got to leave with a jar of Grandma T's jam~

Turner enjoyed each bite.

What an amazing weekend!

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  1. Such a beautiful bride, I love the boys outfits. Miss you.