Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dennis Prager

 I have a dear friend at work, let's call him Scott.
Scott came up to me one day a few months ago and said,
"You are just one of those 'Happy' people, aren't you?"...
I was not sure of what he meant, 
but he went on to reference Dennis Prager and his "Happiness Hour"...
I wanted to learn more! 
I have fallen into love with the radio show that Dennis Prager has!
Dennis is probably one of the brightest minds I have ever heard.
Each and every time I listen to him, I learn so much!
I now listen to him daily,
listen to his "Happiness Hour" weekly, 
his "Male and Female" hour weekly,
and of course his ask anything hour.
 For Father's Day, I even bought my dad this book!
Dennis Prager wrote "Still the Best Hope"
and it is amazing! 
America is still the best hope, 
and we still need to believe
"In God We Trust"

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