Sunday, February 5, 2012

PANAW 2012

What is PANAW?
Well, it happens to be one of my favorite times of the year!
PeriAnesthesia Nurses Awareness Week 
is something that I have taken on as a project for the past
two years. It is a time for the community to recognize
the specialty practice of perianesthesia nurses.

 I decided to send letters to companies in the Denver area
asking them if they would be interested in donating services to 
pamper the nurses with. The above picture is a sample of items that 
each nurse will receive in an envelope tomorrow!
 I also asked if they would be interested in participating
in daily giveaways to the nurses. The picture above is a sample
of the daily drawing gifts that will be received.
 Here is what my study looked like at about 5pm,
right before I took everything over to the hospital!
 Each staff will receive this tote bag (Thanks Regina)
filled with goodies from salons, bakeries and other
wonderful places.

 I also made a brochure, nothing fancy...
just something to recognize the companies,
 and the nurses!
Thank you again to all of the organizations that helped to 
make this such a successful week!!
And thank you to the nurses, who make it worth it!

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  1. man.. that was so much work. Good job friend. BLOG more. I love the updates. miss you.