Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shower Scrapbook

My latest project stems from
a very successful baby shower for
my sister-in-law Stephanie.
I asked each attendant to bring
a letter written to Daphnie!
It was so fun to see what everyone
wanted to tell her already.
Each person had their picture taken and
then I took it from there.
This is just a quick glimpse!

Jared, Steph with baby shower invite!

Grammy's sweet page.

Each invite (near or far),
received a piece of stationery.
They were asked to send the letter
back with a picture of themselves.
That way, Daphnie will be able
to know all her family and friends better!

Homemade gift page!!
Loved it!

Letters from her family were precious to read!

Best friend and her letter!!

Some pages were just to have fun!
And show off the cake!

Of course, here is my page!
Shaun thinks I look weird in this picture.
Oh well, not much to choose from!

Even Great Grandma's wrote poetry!!

Precious words of wisdom!

So many good friends!

And I had to showcase the food!!

Look at the LOOT!

Sweet email from my cousin!

Fun gifts!

I love this page, my sister
and brother are so photogenic!!

Why do I look like such a cornball??

Sisterly love...and a beautiful necklace!

Everyone participated in
the letter writing!!

We did have a few games,
and yes, I documented them too!

This is the last page!
I had to put my brother on it!
He looks great with the stroller in hand!
Daphnie, you are lucky to
have the greatest parents ever!!

The End.
Now I just have to
wrap a pink bow around it and
deliver it to Sweet Stephanie!
(Maybe I will bring it to the hospital next week when she is born.....)

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