Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Classy Erica Fleeman

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Dodge City, Kansas
for one of our close friend's weddings.
Here is Erica with us at the Rehearsal.
She is the definition of class in my book!!
And, man, Richard, you are one lucky guy!

This is the site of the guest book, with
the cutest Christmas ornaments.
As long as I have known Erica, she has had
a true love for Christmas!

These were the darling ornaments hanging over the guest table.
Her colors were red and lime green,
and I loved them!

This was the Christmas tree at the gift table.
Don't you LOVE the tree skirt?

The groom's last name "Fleeman",
and now the bride's last name.
The cute couple, as I am sneaking in between
the photographers pictures.
These were monogrammed cookies
prepared for her band students.

I absolutely loved how everything was monogrammed!


I had to take a picture of the cups!
This is the first time I have ever seen
Styrofoam monogrammed.

Here is Shaun and Erica at the wedding.
Shaun did a fabulous job leading
the worship during the ceremony.
You sure can't go wrong when you start
out on the right foot!

Matron of honor, and the ring the bridesmaids were given to wear!
Isn't that awesome??
Beautiful wedding party!!
Don't you love the red dresses?

This is Erica's bouquet!!
Simply breathtaking!

One of my favorite things!!!
The monogrammed runner!!!
So beautiful.

This was the picture I took of the wedding cake
right as I walked into the reception hall.

This was the groom's cake.
Cute banner hanging in reception.

Christmas tree with ornaments for
the guests to take home.

I LOVED the wreaths!!
These were made by the high school floral class.
They did such an amazing job!!

Centerpieces on the reception tables.
Gotta love the red Gerbers.

All of a sudden, from across the room I heard
"there it goes".....
and the wedding cake tipped over!
(unfortunately BEFORE the bride and groom
had arrived at the reception)

I just couldn't believe it!
I saw tears, I heard laughter, and many people scrambling
to fix the cake.

Oh boy.

The finished product.
It actually looks pretty good!!
And turned out great in the pictures.

Again, more centerpieces!

This was the main floral display on the
buffet table!

A place for gifts!

The cookie I took with me!!

And, nothing better to end the reception than to see
sweet Santa and his blue eyes!!
Thank you Richard and Erica for allowing
us to be part of your special day.

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