Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He is Risen!

We had a fabulous Easter weekend in Wichita!
Shaun sang his heart out 3 nights in a row at the
Living Pictures of Easter...(it was amazing)
And then we had a wonderful visit with Uncle Ernie
and Aunt Barbara!

This was an attempt to get an Easter Sunday
picture of the boys!

Parker was excited to receive a gift from
Kip and Cherie.

Turner loved his cars and animals from Kip and Cherie!

We loved visiting with Kip and Cherie!

Align Center

This was the Easter cake that Aunt Barbara made...yummy!

These are the Easter cookies we enjoyed! is Shaun and Uncle Ernie!

Speaking of family resemblance,
someone came up to Uncle Ernie after the
production and told him they really enjoyed his solos!! LOL

I had to take a picture of the Easter Spread!

And, we loved the pork tenderloin!

These are a few more of Aunt Barbara's homemade cookies!

We always have a family puzzle to work on...this one
was just a little too tough!

Here we are looking for Easter eggs on the back 99 acres!

I was so happy to see the daffodils
in bloom!
What a wonderful weekend!
Thank you God for a vacation and sweet family!


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