Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turner turns Three!

Happy 3rd Birthday Turner!!
I was so impressed when my sister-in-law Stephanie arrived at
our house with the most amazing Mickey Mouse cake!
Turner was so excited to wear his shin guards and kick the
soccer ball through the house.

He smiled all day and all night!

He even found a new "side smile"
he has been sporting!

Parker sang his solo of "Happy Birthday" to Turner!


Now...onto the next holiday!
My new goal is to try and get our Christmas Cards out
by the first week of December...(is that too much to ask? ..maybe)
But I have had so much fun with the
cards and stamps this year, and I wanted to share!

I have discovered the joy of creating my own stamps!
I have ordered sheets and sheets of them!

It really is the easiest thing to
You even get to pick your colors!

And for those of you who know me, you know a Christmas card is
not complete without a family label!
We each get to pick the hairstyle and color that we think represents us!
Happy Holidays...
now off to the shopping!!

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